Dairy Milk🍫🍫

Dairy milk, it would be simple delicious chocolate for you all.
But for me it was awesome thing in my life….

I have kept one of the best brother’s name as Dairy Milk …..

Guest are always a guest , they come and go within a period of time with a short memory..

But the dairy milk was a guest but not simple as rest . He was special for me and also a special guest…

Whenever he came to our home he brings happiness with him with lot of joy and love. And with a Dairy Milk. That’s the unique thing was about him .

He was as sweet as Dairy Milk, as delicious as Dairy Milk , as tasty as Dairy Milk, as cute as Dairy Milk, He was equal to Dairy Milk for me.
There may be 15 years gap between us. This big gap between us never interfere in our life.. He talks us like the best friend, I never feel that he is so big and my stupid behaviour irritate him.

He understands us, he treat us like our mother, never had been angry with us or never scold us. May I have done something wrong, but instead of scolding us like our mother he lovely says it’s wrong not do it again.

I think we don’t need a life patner to spend our life with them actually we need a person in our life who can understand us , who never underestimate us, who listen carefully to us, who never judge us, who should be loyal to us and the most important thing is that you can trust easily upon them…….

So Have you ever had Dairy Milk in your life………?????